Besch Design, Ltd will be your advocate thru the construction of a project through Construction Administration. During construction we work closely with the clients and the general contractor along with each of his trades to ensure that the concept of the project is maintained and that the construction is adhering to the design that was created. We work closely with the general contractor during construction and address unforeseen issues that may arise. This is particularly possible with renovations and additions. Besch Design Ltd., takes the time to work through the unforeseen condition to be sure the overall concept is not compromised. We keep the client appraised of any issues and come to them with solutions rather than problems.

Besch Design Ltd, is also your advocate for making sure the work is done correctly, and when payouts are requested by the General Contractor, Besch Design Ltd. will review the sworn statement that the contractor provides to ensure that all the trades requesting to be paid have completed the work for which payment is being requested. We collect all the required paperwork and make sure everything is in alignment prior to a client making the payments.

Near the end of the construction, prior to a client moving in, Besch Design Ltd. will do a full walk through with the client and the general contractor to create a list of items that need to be addressed by the contractor prior to completion. This is referred to as a punch list. It serves as the final document the general contractor works from to complete the full project prior to a client move in.


The Client’s vision brought to life.